Why shud we eat healthy foods?

8 Aug

Why shud we eat healthy foods?

Want to be part of all activities around us and whatrever happening, Yes, its energetic thought irrespective of age. Congratz to you! You’ve enough feeling of guts in this age with all your routines.<br>

To participate, contribute, serve and to achieve we need to be energetic with the back bone of energetic foods that too organic atleast less preserved and non packed and even better if its farm fresh and non adultrated.

*Thanks to the healthsite website for images

Where to get such kind of nutritious, balanced diet with calcium, protein, rich fibers, carbohydrates and vitamins from A to Z ,and other new eras of nutrition.It can be accomplished thru healthy food from trustable source. A cup of milk, green and farm fresh vegetables & seasonal fruits available keeps the doctor away from your life.

So lets take a combo of this food pyramid every day and achieve our Himalayan goals.

Stay Healthy

-Chembiyan Chef