Can we avoid Tablets?

8 Aug

Can we avoid Tablets?

Do you think a healthy food habit slowly helps to reduce intake of medicines.If your answer is “YES”, then you are right?

Yes, surely it helps.

How deficieny or unhealthyness occuring? Its sacrificing and not taking of healthy food for a while or continuously with some jusifying reason of our own,If we deceide to take that food ,acullay we can, but in course of time we changed with the fast going world and with situations. No, We shud not leave good habits for any one, then who cares us.

All deficiency in our body can be recovered by following healthy food habits, that too before 40’s. Yes, this is the age that our body absorbs the good contents easily with high level of metabloism rate. Its not like eating healthy food after 40 is useless, but it takes some time.

All the farm fresh fruits,vegetables, grains, pulses,dhals and cereals in correct proportion upkeeps the young, charm and beauty of our health.

Stay Fit!

Chembiyan Chef